Training and Therapy Services

Training, therapy and Group Mindfulness Sessions

The Melbourne mindfulness institute offers therapy and training to individuals and to groups.

We also provide a range of ongoing support services to help people to maintain their mindfulness skills and sustain well-being.

Training, therapy and group mindfulness sessions

Individual Therapy

We provide training in MiCBT for individual clients, and therapy typically lasts for 8-10 weeks but may take longer depending on the complexity and severity of the problems. Medicare rebates are available of those with medical referral. To discuss your needs do give us a call.

Group Training

Groups are offered throughout the year. A group program is 8 weeks in duration and requires considerable commitment – commitment to daily mindfulness meditation practice (we strongly recommend two half hour practices each day) and to attending the weekly two hour classes. We have been running groups since 2009 and the feedback is always very positive. Our recent research is confirming that the program enables significant change.

Ongoing Support

Consolidating one’s mindfulness meditation practice can be extremely useful. We offer free monthly after work sessions (3rd Thursday of the month at 5pm) as well as our full afternoon sessions.  These provide a much needed mini-break in stressful or exhausting times. We offer several of these sessions each year and encourage those who have experienced the benefits of MiCBT practice to come along.