Individual Therapy:

MiCBT is a practical and powerful way to address issues of recurring stress, anxiety and depression as well as assisting with anger management, coping with chronic pain and attentional issues. It involves learning a number of mindfulness techniques in a sophisticated structured way that is able to provide a framework for understanding how  we process and react to situations and to our own habitual thoughts and behaviours.

The MiCBT program assists people to be able to:

  • use mindfulness skills in daily life
  • have a better understanding of the relationship between mental and physical experiences and mood
  • be better able to relax, think more clearly and control thoughts
  • gain enhanced ability to manage stress, anxiety and depression
  • be able to apply mindfulness skills to assist in changing habitual behavioural patterns
  • have an enhanced sense of well-being

Therapy typically takes 8-12 weeks but may require longer for complex problems. While dealing with their presenting problems clients learn to apply mindfulness skills to their own situation and are supported in developing their mindfulness practice. Medicare rebates apply with Mental Health Care Plan.

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