“Life does not consist mainly – or even largely – of facts and happenings.


It consists mainly of the storm of thoughts that are forever blowing through one’s mind.”


Melbourne Mindfulness

- Mark Twain

What do we do?

The Melbourne Mindfulness Institute provides mindfulness training in a range of contexts enabling people to apply a mindfulness-based approach to daily life while improving their sense of well-being.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is tricky to define – easier to experience. Mindfulness enables us to remember to stay fully aware of only what is actually happening in the present both internally and externally – with no bias and no judgement.

Our approach uses Mindfulness-Integrated Cognitive Behavoiur Therapy (MiCBT), developed by Dr Bruno Cayoun (Cayoun, 2011, 2015.)

What is MiCBT

Mindfulness Integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT) places a strong emphasis on developing both metacognitive awareness (ability to think about our thinking) AND interoceptive awareness (ability to notice what is happening in our bodies when we are thinking and reacting). MiCBT is a skillful integration of mindfulness training with contemporary evidence based approaches of western psychology.

MiCBT is a sophisticated approach to mindfulness-based therapy utilizing both traditional mindfulness skills and contemporary CBT methods. MiCBT is a skillful application of mindfulness as taught in Vipassana traditions to contemporary western psychology. MiCBT is delivered in 4-stages.

  • Stage 1 teaches mindfulness skills to improve attention to and understanding of thoughts and body sensations.
  • Stage 2 teaches how to apply these skills to the challenges of daily life helping us to tackle previously avoided situations.
  • Stage 3 specifically engages the mindfulness skills in interpersonal communication and relationship issues.
  • Stage 4 explores personal ethics from a mindfulness perspective and uses compassion training to develop empathic understanding of ourselves and others.

Changing unhelpful or unwanted habits becomes easier as mindfulness skills are consolidated and integrated into daily life. We learn to understand and accept the process of thinking and sensing and to have a different perspective on troublesome thoughts and reactions. As self understanding increases we also understand others better.
We provide mindfulness training for individuals, groups and organisations.

Melbourne Mindfulness Institute.

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