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“Life does not consist mainly – or even largely – of facts and happenings. It consists mainly of the storm of thoughts that are forever blowing through one’s mind.”

– Mark Twain

Melbourne Mindfulness Institute Event Dates


Friday 1st May
Free online meditation

Tuesday 5th May
Free online meditation

Friday 8th May
Free online meditation

Tuesday 12th May
Free online meditation

Friday 15th May
Free online meditation

Tuesday 19th May
Free online meditation

Thursday 21st May
MiCBT Professionals Interest and Research Group

Friday 22nd May
Free online meditation

Tuesday 26th May
Free online meditation

Friday 29th May
Free online meditation


Tuesday 2nd June
Free online meditation

Friday 5th June
Free online meditation

Tuesday 9th June
Free online meditation

Friday 12th June
Free online meditation

Tuesday 16th June
Free online meditation

Thursday 18th June
MiCBT Professionals Interest and Research Group

Friday 19th June
Free online meditation

Tuesday 23rd June
Free online meditation

 Friday 26th June
Free online meditation

 Tuesday 30th June
Free online meditation




Friday 3rd July
Free online meditation

Tuesday 7th July
Free online meditation

Friday 10th July
Free online meditation

Tuesday 14th July
Free online meditation

Thursday 16th July
MiCBT Professionals Interest and Research Group

Friday 17th July
Free online meditation

Tuesday 21st July
Free online meditation

 Friday 24th July
Free online meditation

Tuesday 28th July
Free online meditation



What do we do?

The Melbourne Mindfulness Institute provides mindfulness training in a range of contexts enabling people to apply a mindfulness-based approach to daily life while improving their sense of well-being.

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety and worry or depression? Do you want to improve your well-being or be more focused?

You might be interested in formally learning  mindfulness..

Anxiety or excessive worry, work stress, poor sleep, attention problems, low mood or being angry a lot; performance in sport, family stress…

All of these issues can be helped by our very comprehensive and well researched mindfulness programs. Group Program dates are on our blog page. Contact us for individual sessions.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is tricky to define – easier to experience. Mindfulness enables us to remember to stay fully aware of only what is actually happening in the present both internally and externally – with no bias and no judgement.

Our approach uses Mindfulness-Integrated Cognitive Behavoiur Therapy (MiCBT), developed by Dr Bruno Cayoun (Cayoun, 2011, 2015.)

What is MiCBT

Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT) places a strong emphasis on developing both metacognitive awareness (ability to think about our thinking) AND interoceptive awareness (ability to notice what is happening in our bodies when we are thinking and reacting). MiCBT is a skillful integration of mindfulness training with contemporary evidence based approaches of western psychology.

MiCBT is a sophisticated approach to mindfulness-based therapy utilizing both traditional mindfulness skills and contemporary CBT methods. MiCBT is a skillful application of mindfulness as taught in Vipassana traditions to contemporary western psychology. MiCBT is delivered in 4-stages.

  • Stage 1 teaches mindfulness skills to improve attention to and understanding of thoughts and body sensations.
  • Stage 2 teaches how to apply these skills to the challenges of daily life helping us to tackle previously avoided situations.
  • Stage 3 specifically engages the mindfulness skills in interpersonal communication and relationship issues.
  • Stage 4 explores personal ethics from a mindfulness perspective and uses compassion training to develop empathic understanding of ourselves and others.

Changing unhelpful or unwanted habits becomes easier as mindfulness skills are consolidated and integrated into daily life. We learn to understand and accept the process of thinking and sensing and to have a different perspective on troublesome thoughts and reactions. As self understanding increases we also understand others better.

We provide mindfulness training for individuals, groups and organisations.

Stay up to date

Interesting news and articles about mindfulness

Online meditations – Tuesdays and Fridays

We have been delighted to be able to offer twice-weekly meditation sessions over the last few weeks. It always feels good to meditate in a group. It has been lovely to see familiar faces of those who have learned the MiCBT skills (sometimes years ago) and have...

Free MiCBT Meditation support on line

Many people's movements are now restricted due to the COVID-19 virus and so they can't attend our regular meditation sessions. In challenging times we can feel quite stressed, anxious and depressed; the external world suddenly feels difficult and threatening. However,...

Mindfulness for older people

Many of us fear the idea of losing our sharpness of mind as we get older - Mindfulness-based programs may help to preserve cognitive function in older people. This link describes an interesting recent study on the impacts of a mindfulness program on the biomarkers of...

Mindfulness and well-being: programs in 2020

This could be a great time to set yourself up with anti-stress resilience tools for the new decade! The first of our 8-week MiCBT programs will now commence on Tuesday 25th February - 6-8pm. There are still places available. There are 8 face-to-face sessions of two...

New programs for 2020

Registrations are now open for the 2020 8-week mindfulness programs - mostly evening programs (6-8pm) but we are trialing a day program so that those unable to come along in the evening can attend. The day program will run on either Tuesday or Wednesday from 11am...

Final MiCBT Group Program for the year

This week the final MiCBT program for the year will commence. It will run on Wednesdays for the next 8 weeks. The program is quite demanding as it requires regular twice-daily meditation practice but participants who engage report significant shifts in many aspects of...

Annual clinicians retreat

Clinicians who work with mindfulness-based interventions are highly recommended to attend retreats to deepen their own practice and understanding of meditation-based therapy. Last weekend a small group of MiCBT clinicians met for an annual peer-led retreat. We spent...

Half day retreat on July 27th

We are offering another half day retreat on July 27th - all welcome. The afternoon is designed to provide an opportunity to deepen meditation practice in a supportive environment. We will meditate for periods of 30-40 minutes at a time with short breaks between...

MiCBT Therapist Retreat

Our annual weekend urban residential retreat is booked this year for Friday, October 4th - Sunday, October 6th. This retreat is designed to provide an opportunity to deepen mindfulness practices, discuss the implementation of MiCBT with clients and reflect on our...

Mindfulness Program – May 2019- places available

We are now again offering our open regular Mindfulness Progams - the next one will commence on May 22nd - places availble. This MiCBT program is an 8-week program and is open to those wishing to learn mindfulness for general well-being or to assist with anxiety,...


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